Cybersecurity services

Corporate password manager, SSO authentication, company audits...

Our offer

Audit consultancy

We audit your company's systems, detect security holes and apply solutions. 

Secrecy managers

Password and encrypted key management software is a major security asset. 


Multi-factor authentication systems  

Password manager for teams

The password manager your team has been waiting for. It allows team members to store and share credentials securely. For example, your office wifi password, a router administrator's password or your organisation's social media account password can all be secured using Vaultwarden.

120 per year

Unlimited users

  •   Password management 
  •   User and group management 
  •   Sharing passwords 
  •   Desktop, Android and iOS application
  •   Browser extension
  •   Import/export
  •   Finder
  •   Email notifications
  •   Automatic backups