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The importance of having a business with a digital presence

It is becoming increasingly important not to neglect the image of our business on the Internet. It is estimated that nowadays most customers get information about where to buy and what to buy through the web. If you do not yet have a website you will notice a big change for the better if you take advantage of the web presence we can offer you.

Sell your products 24 hours a day 7 days a week

The benefit of having a shop that never stops offering your products will increase your business profits immediately. In addition to offering nationwide visibility of your products, you will be able to sell products to every corner of the country. Your business is not limited to the potential clientele of the place where you have your physical shop, let your business conquer the world!


Be efficient, invest as little time as possible in managing the inventory of your business. Having it organised and managed via web you will have full control of your products wherever you are, with an automated system synchronised with your POS everything will be better, faster and more reliable..


Reduce the time needed to manage your invoicing, accounting, payments, due dates, etc. Send invoices manually or automatically to your customers with an online payment link and forget about time-consuming follow-ups.


Automate the management of employee check-in and check-out, holiday requests, employee expense allocations, time allocations, payroll, medical leave, intake interviews, even gamification!!


Forget about importing bank files or reviewing transfers by hand. We are experts in the online payment platforms Stripe, Redsys, Paypal, and cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Automate your subscriptions with card payments, much easier than direct debits for you and your customers..






Integrated with the entire ERP. You don't have to keep an eye on the stock available for your online shop by deducting stock from sales in your physical shop. In addition, although it is a cloud service, if there is a disconnection, you can continue working as if nothing had happened..


Simplify manufacturing and fabrication processes, manage production orders, bills of materials, automatic scandals, assembly instructions... integrated with stock and automatic orders from sales.